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Oblates of St. Benedict

The word Oblate comes from the Latin oblatus meaning offered or dedicated. The person who would like to make their oblation with this Monastery seeks to associate himself or herself with the work of the Community, which is primarily the praise of God.

To this end Oblates attend a monthly afternoon of recollection. This begins with the Office of None, followed by a talk given by the Oblate Master on some aspect of the Rule of St Benedict leading into a discussion. After a break for tea Vespers is sung with the Monastic Community. Oblates who do not live locally are encouraged to attend as often as is possible.

All Oblates are encouraged to live their lives in as great a conformity with the Rule as their state in life allows. This might include anything from full attendance at the monastic offices and daily Mass to silently uniting oneself with Jesus in the midst of sickness. What is important is a real desire for holiness in union with Christ, in the spirit of the Gospel, with St Benedict as guide.

To become an Oblate an aspirant should write to the Oblate Master, with a reference from their Parish Priest. Attendance at three consecutive meetings is required before being admitted as a novice oblate. The noviciate comprises one year, during which attendance at all the monthly meetings, where this is possible, is required. If it seems appropriate at the end of the year the candidate is invited to make their final Oblation.

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